Operations Research in the Airline Industry

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Dezember 1997



260 2 Crew Legalities and Crew Pairing Repair 264 3 Model and Mathematical Formulation 266 4 Solution Methodology 271 5 Computational Experiences 277 6 Conclusion 285 REFERENCES 286 10 THE USE OF OPTIMIZATION TO PERFORM AIR TRAFFIC FLOW MANAGEMENT Kenneth Lindsay, E. Andrew Boyd, George Booth, and Charles Harvey 287 1 Introduction 288 2 The Traffic Flow Management (TFM) Problem 289 3 Recent TFM Optimization Models 292 4 The Time Assignment Model (TAM) 302 5 Summary and Conclusions 307 REFERENCES 309 11 THE PROCESSES OF AIRLINE SYSTEM OPERATIONS CONTROL Seth C. Grandeau, Michael D. Clarke, and Dennis F.X. Mathaisel 312 1 Introduction 313 2 The Four Phases of Airline Schedule Development 315 The Airline Operations Control Center (OCC) 3 320 4 Analysis of Operational Problems 331 5 Areas For Improvement 352 6 Case Study: PT Garuda Indonesia Airlines 357 REFERENCES 368 12 THE COMPLEX CONFIGURATION MODEL Bruce W. Patty and Jim Diamond 370 1 Introduction 370 Problem Description 2 371 Problem Formulation 3 375 4 Model Implementation 379 ix Contents 383 5 Summary REFERENCES 383 13 INTEGRATED AIRLINE SCHEDULE PLANNING Cynthia Barnhart, Fang Lu, and Rajesh Shenoi 384 1 Introduction 385 2 Fleet Assignment and Crew Pairing Problems: Existing M- els and Algorithms 388 3 An Integrated Approximate Fleet Assignment and Crew Pa- ing Model 393 4 An Advanced Integrated Solution Approach 395 5 Case Study 396 6 Conclusions and Future Research Directions 399 REFERENCES 401 14 AIRLINE SCHEDULE PERTURBATION PROBLEM: LANDING AND TAKEOFF WITH


Preface. 1. Models and Methods for Managing Airline Irregular Operations; M.F. Argüello, et al. 2. A Large-Scale Neural Network for Airline Forecasting in Revenue Management; Xiaoyun Sun, et al. 3. A Tutorial on Optimization in the Context of Perishable-Asset Revenue Management Problems for the Airline Industry; L.R. Weatherford. 4. A Selective Multicommodity Network Flow Algorithm for Air Traffic Control; M.P. Helm. 5. A Method for Optimally Solving the Rostering Problem; M. Gamache, F. Soumis. 6. An Approach for Just-in-Time Airline Scheduling; I. Gershkoff. 7. Aircraft Ground Movement Simulation; D.F.X. Mathaisel, H. Idris. 8. Crew Pairing Optimization; E. Andersson, et al. 9. A Decision Support Framework for Crew Management During Airline Irregular Operations; M. Song, et al. 10. The Use of Optimization to Perform Air Traffic Flow Management; K. Lindsay, et al. 11. The Processes of Airline System Operations Control; S.C. Grandeau, et al. 12. The Complex Configuration Model; B.W. Patty, J. Diamond. 13. Integrated Airline Schedule Planning; C. Barnhart, et al. 14. Airline Schedule Perturbation Problem: Landing and Takeoff With Nonsplitable Resource for the Ground Delay Program; Songjun Luo, Gang Yu. 15. Airline Schedule Perturbation Problem: Ground Delay Program with Splitable Resources; Songjun Luo, Gang Yu. Index.
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