Comrades and Strangers: Behind the Closed Doors of North Korea

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Juli 2004



In 1986, as a young graduate looking for some adventure before settling down to life in the suburbs, Michael Harrold answered, on a whim, an advertisement to become the first Briton to live and work in North Korea. What he anticipated would be an exciting interlude in the world's most secretive country became seven years in which his initial scepticism, even cynicism, about the regime and society developed into growing empathy with the people around him. From among the ranks of the VIP guests at the major state occasions, to the paddy fields working alongside the farmers, he saw the country as no outsider has ever done. He loved, and lost, a young local girl, fell foul of the authorities and yet stood beside the people as they faced the mounting threat of US invasion. This sensitive and entertaining memoir give a unique insight into life behind the closed doors of North Korea.


Foreword. PART 1. Chapter One. Red Carpet in Paradise. Chapter Two. Behind Enemy Lines. Chapter Three. State of Delusion. PART 2. Chapter Four. Different Ways. Chapter Five. First Lessons. Chapter Six. Silent Witness. Chapter Seven. Torn Between Two Worlds. Chapter Eight. Building Dreams. Chapter Nine. War Games. PART 3. Chapter Ten. Inside Out. Chapter Eleven. Another View. Afterword. Bibliography. Index.


In 1987 Michael Harrold became the first Briton to live and work in North Korea. For seven years he was the language adviser for English translations of speeches by the countrya s president, Kim II Sung. It was an experience that gave him a unique insight into what is, perhaps, the worlda s most misunderstood nation. From Pyongyang he went to Beijing, working first on the international desk at the Xinhua News Agency and suvsequently with China Central Television. In 2000 he moved to Poland where he was editor of Poland AM and Supervising Editor of the Warsaw Business Journal. He lives in Warsaw with his wife and two young sons.


"! excellent book!"(British Association for Korean Studies, July 2004) "North Koreans are too often portrayed as hapless droids; Harrold peels back the last Iron Curtain to reveal their humanity." (Daily Telegraph, 13th November 2004) "!sheds considering light!" (Far Eastern Economic Review, December 2004) "..the most revealing glimpse yet of what passes for normal life in North Korea." (Asian Wall Street Journal, 3rd September 2004)
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