National Crisis and National Government: British Politics, the Economy and Empire, 1926 1932

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Juli 2002



An in-depth examination of the prolonged crisis that gave rise to Briatin's National government.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Conventions and abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. Components of Crisis: 1. The erosion of Conservative predominance; 2. Economic and imperial troubles; 3. Government and party troubles; 4. 'National crisis'; Part II. Crisis Avoided: 5. The impact of India; 6. Retrenchment and containment; 7. Towards a two-party system; Part III. The Crisis: 8. The financial crisis: July 1931; 9. The political crisis: August 1931; 10. First effects; 11. The emergency government's crisis: September 1931; Part IV. Crisis Overcome: 12. The political reconstruction; 13. The defeated; 14. The national government; Conclusion; Appendix; Sources; Index.


'It is a comprehensive study which will no doubt establish Williamson's reputation as a major authority on the high politics of this tense and dramatic period ... The book is a mine of information. New material has been unearthed, often from obscure archives. From such research comes a real understanding of the actors in the drama ... a valuable and highly rewarding contribution to the analysis of a highly significant historical event.' The Durham University Journal
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