Ecotourism: Management and Assessment

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Ecotourism aims to focus the discussion of Ecotourism on the management and assessment of sites, destinations, communities and resources. The text can be used to give a theoretical underpinning to the subject and provide an applied perspective through the use of rich, varied and international case studies.


Part A Theoretical. Ecotourism management: an overview. Ecotourism assessment: an overview. Practical management tools and approaches for resource protection and assessment. Indicators and risk management for Ecotourism destinations. Ecotourism certification criteria and procedures. The Polar Framework and its operation in an Ecotourism setting. Ecotourism policy. Part B Case Studies. Managing Ecotourism in the island microstate: the case of Dominica. The case for an Ecotourism peace park and cultural heritage corridor in the Korean de-militarised zone. The state of nature tourism in Texas: sustaining the rural agricultural family enterprise. Canadian aboriginal Ecotourism in the North. The marketing of Ecotourism: a focus on Chile. The management of Ecotourism destination through policies of investment. The case of the Peneda-Geres National Park, Portugal. Ecotourism planning considerations in Eastern Central Europe. Responsible nature-based tourism planning in South Africa and the commercialisation of Kruger National Park. The development of responsible tourism guidelines for South Africa. Ecotourism in Thailand and Kenya, a private sector perspective. Ecotourism planning and destination management in Vietnam. An Ecotourism development plan for the Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia.
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