The Cuckoo

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The winner of this year's Yale Series of Younger Poets competition is Peter Streckfus's The Cuckoo, chosen by competition judge and Poet Laureate Louise Gluck. It is Gluck's first selection as judge. In this unforgettable, daring first collection, Peter Streckfus offers the reader poems of deep originality and astonishing power. Taking his inspiration from both American and Chinese culture, Streckfus seems an impossible combination of John Ashbery and Ezra Pound. In her Foreword, Gluck praises Streckfus's art for its "nonsense and mystery," its "mesmerizing beauty" and "luminous high-mindedness."


Peter Streckfus lives in San Francisco with his wife. His poems have appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Matrix, Natural Bridge, Phoebe, Pleiades, and Slope.


"The case for nonsense is not the same as the case against meaning. It belongs, in literature, to the holy fool and the cryptic sprite; in religion, to the visionary or the seer; in philosophy, to the Sphinx and the Zen master. . . . Such art asks, inevitably, a kind of consent of the reader. Or, in Peter Streckfus's unforgettable first book, more active cooperation. What is transacted here between poet and reader has less to do with the reader's being convinced by elegant or passionate argument, and more to do with seduction. And the instrument of our seduction, for once, is not charm but mesmerizing beauty."
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