Higher Order Thinking in Science Classrooms: Students' Learning and Teachers' Professional Development

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Februar 2004



How can educators bridge the gap between "big" ideas about teaching students to think and educational practice? This book addresses this question by a unique combination of theory, field experience and elaborate educational research. Its basic idea is to look at science instruction with regard to two sets of explicit goals: one set refers to teaching science concepts and the second set refers to teaching higher order thinking. This book tells about how thinking can be taught not only in the rare and unique conditions that are so typical of affluent experimental educational projects but also in the less privileged but much more common conditions of educational practice that most schools have to endure. It provides empirical evidence showing that students from all academic levels actually improve their thinking and their scientific knowledge following the thinking curricula, and discusses specific means for teaching higher order thinking to students with low academic achievements. The second part of the book addresses issues that pertain to teachers' professional development and to their knowledge and beliefs regarding the teaching of higher order thinking. This book is intended for a very large audience: researchers (including graduate students), curricular designers, practicing and pre-service teachers, college students, teacher educators and those interested in educational reform. Although the book is primarily about the development of thinking in science classrooms, most of it chapters may be of interest to educators from all disciplines.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part 1: Students' Learning.
1: Description of the TSC Project. 2: Pedagogical Considerations in Teaching a Thinking Strategy as an Explicit Educational Goal. 3: 'To Know Or Not To Know' - The Elusive Nature of Learning a Thinking Strategy. 4: Teaching Thinking Skills and Science Knowledge: Two Competing or Two Complementary Goals? 5: Assessing Students' Reasoning Ability Following The Implementation of the TSC Project. Part 2: Teachers' Professional Development.
Introduction to Part Two. 6: Teachers' Thinking in Previous Studies. 7: Educational Context and Research Methodology. 8: Two Possible Pedagogies for Teaching Higher Order Thinking: Transmission of Information Versus Knowledge Construction. 9: Teachers' Knowledge about the Treatment of Students' Wrong Answers. 10: Teachers' Beliefs about Low Achieving Students and Higher Order Thinking. 11: Teachers' Metacognitive Knowledge and the Teaching of Higher Order Thinking. 12: Assessing Professional Development Following Pre-Service and In-Service Courses. 13: What Did We Learn? References. Index.
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