Printed Organic and Molecular Electronics

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Printed Organic And Molecular Electronics was compiled to create a reference that included existing knowledge from the most renowned industry, academic, and government experts in the fields of organic semiconductor technology, graphic arts printing, micro-contact printing, and molecular electronics. It is divided into sections that consist of the most critical topics required for one to develop a strong understanding of the states of these technologies and the paths for taking them from R&D to the hands of consumers on a massive scale. As such, the book provides both theory as well as technology development results and trends.


Foreword. Editor Biographies.
1: An Introduction to Organic Semiconductors. 1.1. Organic Semiconductor Device History. 1.2. Recent Advances and Trends in Organic Semiconductor Devices. 1.3. Issues to Overcome for Diffusion of Organic Semiconductor Devices. 1.4. Organic Semiconductors vs. Traditional Silicon Semiconductors.
2: Organic Semiconductor Materials. 2.1. Introduction. 2.2. The Chemistry of Semiconductors Based on Organic Materials. 2.3. Polymeric Semiconductors. 2.4. Molecular and Physical Properties. 2.5. Charge Transport Mechanism. 2.6. Passive Materials and Packaging. 2.7. Summary and Outlook. 2.8. Chapter 2 References.
3: Manufacturing Platforms for Printing Organic Circuits. 3.1. Critical Material Parameters for Printing Organic Circuits: Suspensions, Solutions, and the Solids State. 3.2. Lithography. 3.3. Flexography. 3.4. Basic Principles of Gravure Printing. 3.5. Pad Printing. 3.6. Screen Printing. 3.7. Digital Printing. 3.8. Soft Lithography.
4: Electrical Behavior of Organic Transistors and Circuits. 4.1. Device Structures, Characterization and Modeling. 4.2. Organic Polymer Field-Effect Transistors. 4.3. Organic Transistor Complementary Circuits.
5: Applications. 5.1. Risks and Opportunities. 5.2. Technological Considerations. 5.3. Commercial Aspects of Organic Electronic Applications. 5.4. Acknowledgement. 5.5. References.
6: Molecular Electronics. 6.1. Introduction. 6.2. Past 30 Years of Molecular Electronics/Nanotechnology. 6.3. Processing Technologies (Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up). 6.4. Performance. 6.5. Issues/Challenges. 6.6. Future Directions. 6.7. Summary. 6.8. Acknowledgement. 6.9. Chapter 6 References.
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