The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way

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November 2004



In the first book of her three part series, Hakim invites readers of all ages to meet the forebears of modern science and share in their exciting discoveries in astronomy, math, and physics.


"As a good-even great-teacher, Hakim knows exactly where students might stumble and is always there, making sure they don't."-Diana Lutz, Natural History§§"Hakim has interwoven creation myths, history, physics, and mathematics to present a seamless, multifaceted view of the foundation of modern science. . . . At its essence, the book displays the most appealing aspect of science and mathematics: that advances result from a practical need solved by curious minds."- School Library Journal , starred review§§"[W]hen master storyteller Joy Hakim wields her pen, take heart: you're in for a breathtaking adventure."- American Educator§§"If Leonardo da Vinci had studied school science, he would have been fascinated with The Story of Science ."-Juliana Texley, lead reviewer for National Science Teacher Association Recommends

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