Smart Things to Know about Consultancy

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März 2003



Smart Things to Know About Consultancy provides the complete guide for those aspiring to set themselves up in consultancy. It covers the basics of starting out on your own, deciding service range, branding and fee policy, through to bringing in the business, writing persuasive proposals and styles of working.


What is Smart?
Introduction: The Nature of Consultancy.
Deciding the Service Range.
Setting Fees and Fee Policy.
Image and Profile.
Your Target Market.
Promoting Your Business.
Personal and Professional Selling.
Writing Persuasive Proposals.
Styles of Working.
Career Options.
Afterword .


Patrick Forsyth runs Touchstone Training & Consultancy and has worked as a consultant for some 25 years, first with a major firm, subsequently setting up his own operation in 1990. In training he has run public programmes for course organisers such as The Institute of Management, and in-company programmes for organisations large and small. In consultancy he has been involved in projects ranging from one-to-one mentoring to significant strategic studies, always with a practical and hands-on focus. His work has taken him around the world. He writes extensively on marketing and management matters, for example writing a number of books in Capstone's innovative ExpressExec series, including Career Management and Business Planning, and Corporate Survival for their Kickstart series.
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