Schubert, Die Schone Mullerin

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August 1992



This is a guide to both the music and the poetry of Schubert's much-loved song cycle, set to poems by the Prussian poet Wilhelm MÜ ller. Composed in 1823, this work is one of the greatest masterpieces of the song repertoire. The genesis of both the poetry and the music, composed soon after Schubert discovered that he had contracted syphilis, is discussed in the first two chapters. A chapter on the poetry considers MÜ ller's uneasy relationship to the tenets of Romanticism; the influence of Goethe, folk poems, and medieval poetry on Die schö ne MÜ llerin; and a reading of each of the poems, which are reproduced in German and in English translation. The final chapter provides commentary on each of the twenty songs in the cycle.


List of illustrations; 1. The poet of Die schone Mullerin; 2. Schubert and the genesis of the music; 3. Romantic illusions: the poetic texts, nos. 1-12; 4. Disillusionment and death: the poetic texts continued; 5. The music of Die schone Mullerin; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
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