The Neighborhoods of Brooklyn

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Juli 2004



This generously illustrated book takes us on a tour of the ninety neighborhoods of Brooklyn, providing intimate portraits of their diverse ethnic makeups, abundance of architectural styles, and many churches and festivals.


Kenneth T. Jackson, the Jacques Barzun Professor of History and the Social Sciences at Columbia University and former president of the New York Historical Society, is also the editor of The Encyclopedia of New York City, published by Yale University Press. John B. Manbeck was Brooklyn Borough Historian from 1993 to 2001.


"Filled with maps, street-corner photographs, history, and local lore. As with the place itself, there are surprising rewards to getting lost here." New Yorker; "Details in charming and highly accessible form the facts about a city that works." William R. Everdell, New York Times Book Review; "Strikingly illustrated, well written, and with clear maps, this is an excellent guide to the visual delights and the human landscape of our most complex borough." Howard Kissel, Daily News; "A delightful tour." Digby Diehl, Modern Maturity; "New York's most populous borough comes alive in The Neighborhoods of Brooklyn... With photographs, maps, and fact-crammed descriptions of each neighbourhood, this guide is a lively salute to Brooklyn. For the millions who have lived or now live in New York, and for the millions of others who long to, these books will be an essential and endlessly fascinating resource... The most detailed and sparkling celebration of Brooklyn ever written." Brooklyn Park Slope Courier"
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