What Every Pianist Needs to Know about the Body

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April 2004



Techniques on how to gain greater fluidity of movement while playing to improve the quality of the experience are offered in this manual for serious piano players. This book encourages musicians to develop a broader understanding of the involvement of the entire body in playing--and the strains playing places on the body--by focusing on body mapping to increase awareness of the body's function, size, and structure. Ways in which piano, organ, harpsichord, clavichord, and digital keyboard players can eliminate or prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other debilitating conditions without traditional medical treatments are also explored.


Thomas Mark teaches piano and body mapping. He lives in Portland, Oregon. T Roberta Gary is a professor of organ and the head of the Keyboard Division at the College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. hom Miles is the director of music at Isaac M. Wise Temple and an assistant organist at Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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