Masters of Success: Proven Techniques for Achieving Success in Business and Life

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Who has not admired the titans of sports, business, show business and public service? Readers will find both motivation and encouragement in the success stories throughout this handsome volume.


Co-authors Dr. Ivan Misner and Don Morgan live actively in business, their families, the community and athletics. Misner is Founder and CEO of BNI, a global business referral company. Morgan represents the Canadian interests in the company. Misner, a black belt in Karate and Morgan a master sailboat racer understand the requirements to succeed in both business and sports. Dr. Misner has written extensively about the unique form of marketing created through word of mouth referrals and Morgan brings an extensive background in psychology and organizational development to the intricate discussion of human success. Misner and Morgan are also co-authors of the best selling Masters of Networking.
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