New Britain: My Vision of a Young Country

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April 2004



No society can ever prosper economically or socially unless all its people prosper, unless we use the talents and energies of all the people rather than just the few, unless we live up to the ambition to create a society where the community works for the good of every individual and every individual works for the good of the community, says the British Labour Party's dynamic new leader, Tony Blair.In "New Britain, " we read in Blair's own articulate words how to improve the standard of living of all Britain's families; how to base a new social order on merit, commitment, and inclusion; how to decentralize British institutions of political power; and how to expand Britain's leadership in foreign affairs.


* My Kind of Britain Introduction: Out Of The Wilderness * The Challenge for Labour * The Radical Coalition * New Labour, New Life for Britain New Labour * Accepting the Challenge * New Labour, New Britain * New Clause IV * Why I am a Christian * The Young Country Our Economic Future * The British Experimentan Analysis and an Alternative * New Industrial World * New Labour, New Economy * The Global Economy * New Labour and the Unions Equality And Opportunity * Social Justice * Hearing from Women * Realising Our True Potential * A New Vision for Comprehensive Schools * The One-Nation NHS * The Age of Consent * Housing Security And Responsibility In A World Of Change * Security in a World of Change: The New Politics of the Left * New Community, New Individualism * Our Common Environment * The Rights We Enjoy, the Duties We Owe * Crime and Family Breakdown * Valuing Families * Dear Kathryn... * The Stanley Matthews Culture The United Kingdom And The New World Order * New Nation-state * Devolution * The Northern Ireland Peace Process * Five Questions for John Major on Europe * Britain in Europe Stakeholder Britain * The Stakeholder Economy * The Stakeholder Society * Stakeholder Politics
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