Voyeur Nation: Media, Privacy, and Peering in Modern Culture

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April 2004



Explores the roots and causes of our increasingly voyeuristic society and argues against using the First Amendment to safeguard our right to peer into others' lives.


* Introduction * Peeping Tom Meets Jennifer Ringley * Social Forces Driving Mediated Voyeurism * Priming the Economic and Political Pumps of Mediated Voyeurism * Dont Look Now, But Somebodys Watching You * Free Press, Free Voyeurs? * Check Your Camera at the Castle Door * Seeing Voyeurs in First Amendment Theory * Conclusion


Clay Calvert is an assistant professor of communications and law and co-director of the Pennsylvania Center for the First Amendment at Pennsylvania State University. He has published over twenty law journal articles in the past four years on First Amendment issues affecting the media, journalism, and advertising. He has a Juris Doctor from the University of the Pacific and a Ph.D. in Communication from Stanford University. He lives in State College, Pennsylvania.


"Calvert provides grist for the mill for both sides in the continuing policy debates, and usefully makes us think about an unsettling trend."
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