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April 2004



In this inspirational book, author Kenneth Raessler draws on his more than four decades of experience as a music teacher to offer his thoughts on the current state and future of music education in the United States, from elementary school to the university level. It serves as a challenge to all music educators to assess their priorities, their goals, and the sequence of instruction in their school districts or their universities. Topics addressed include building support within the community, developing a comprehensive curriculum, and avoiding burnout.


Kenneth R. Raessler, has served as the director of the school of music at Texas Christian University and the director of music in the Williamsport Area School District in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where his program was awarded the MENC Exemplary Program Award. A frequent guest speaker, lecturer, consultant, and clinician, he has served as state president of the Texas Association of Music Schools and college chair and vice president of the Texas Music Educators Association. He lives in Ft. Worth, Texas.

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