Teaching Band and Orchestra: Methods and Materials

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April 2004



This book covers every critical area in the professional life of band and orchestra teachers working at the primary and secondary levels. Topics explored include recruiting and retention, creating lesson plans, assessment, curriculum development, selecting literature, running effective rehearsals, and organising concerts. Also addressed are the administrative realities of being a music teacher, from the job search to fundraising. A plethora of forms, sample letters, charts, and lists of suggested literature round out this resource-packed text.


Lynn G. Cooper is the chair of the music department, director of bands, and professor of music at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky, where he conducts the concert band and teaches courses in conducting and instrumental music education. He is the Kentucky state chair for the Society of Music Teacher Education and a past state chair of the College Band Directors National Association. He has served on the board of directors of Kentucky Music Educators Association, for which he is the president-elect. He lives in Wilmore, Kentucky.

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