The Spithead Nymph

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Mai 2004



William Bentley receives an offer from a former fellow officer, now captain of Will's old ship; serve as his first lieutenant and avoid imprisonment. Will accpts and begins a harrowing journey to Jamaica to put down a slave rebellion.


Jan Needle, a native of Portsmouth, England, has had a lifelong interest in naval history. He is the author of four acclaimed novels under the pseudonym Frank Kippax, and also has a highly successful career as a TV scriptwriter and, under his own name, as a writer of award-winning children's fiction.


"I was pleasantly surprised to find that once I started the book it was a rollicking'rip-roaring, salty-dog yarn, that left me storm tossed and not a little seasick. I could not put it down. Well worth reading." - Nautical Magazine, September 2004. "Rich, compelling characters and vivid imagery. There are no white knights here and no one-dimensional villains." -- Publishers Weekly
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