The Buddha: The Story of an Awakened Life

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November 2004



A simple, inspiring telling of the life of the Buddha by an award-winning, best-selling author. Here is an opportunity to approach one of the world's greatest spiritual teachers through the timeless tale of his search for enlightenment and the end of suffering. This is the first account of the Buddha's story that blends the elements of history, legend, and Buddhist teachings into a compelling, page-turning narrative. Experience the Buddha's life, from his extravagant youth and ascetic renunciation to awakening and decades of profound teaching.


David Kherdian is the author of over 60 books of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and children's literature. He has won the Newbery Honor Book, Boston Globe/Horn Book Award, Lewis Carrol Bookshelf Award, Jane Addams Peace Award, and has been nominated for the National Book Award, and Friend of America Writers Award. He lives in Chatham, New York.

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