Abortion Controversy: 25 Years After Roe vs. Wade, a Reader

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Februar 1998



This is a title acquired from Jones & Bartlett. It includes academic articles from all perspectives within the abortion debate, abridged versions of the most important Supreme Court decisions, and critiques of Roe vs. Wade.


Part 1 Breaking through the stereotypes: introduction; breaking through the stereotypes, Daniel Callahan and Sidney Callahan; for further reading. Part 2 The major Supreme Court decisions: introduction; Roe v. Wade (1973); planned parenthood v. Casey (1992); for further reading. Part 3 Evaluations of Roe v. Wade; introduction; Roe v. Wade - no basis in the law, logic, or history, Dennis J. Horan and Thomas J. Balch; Roe v. Wade - a study in male ideology, Catharine MacKinnon; some thoughts on autonomy and equality in relation to Roe v. Wade, Ruth Bader Ginsburg; for further reading. Part 4 Arguments from a woman's right to her body: introduction; a defense of abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson; arguments from bodily rights - a critical analysis, Francis J. Beckwith; a defense of a defense of abortion; on the responsibility objection to Thomson's argument, David Boonin-Vail; abortion logic and paternal responsibilities - one more look at Judith Thomson's argument and a critique of David Boonin-Vail's defense of it, Keith Pavlischek; for further reading. Part 5 Personhood arguments on abortion: introduction; abortion is morally wrong, John T. Noonan, Jr.; in defense of abortion and infanticide, Michael Tooley; the scope of the prohibition against killing, Philip Devine; personhood begins at conception, Stephen Schwarz; abortion - a defense of the personhood argument, Louis P. Pojman; abortion and human rights, Norman Gillespie; a defense of the moderate position. L.W. Sumner; for further reading. Part 6 Beyond the personhood arguement: introduction; abortion - beyond the personhood argument, Jane English; the golden rule argument against abortion, Harry J. Gensler; why abortion is immoral, Don Marquis; does a foetus already have a future-like-ours?, Peter K. McInerney; abortion and the neo-natal right to life - a critique of Marquis's futurist argument, Gerald H. Paske; a future like ours and the concept of person - a reply to McInerney and Paske, Don Marquis; for further reading. Part 7 Feminist arguments on abortion: introduction; a feminist defense of abortion, Sally Markowitz; our bodies, our souls, Naomi Wolf; abortion and the Feminine voice, Celia Wolf-Devine; taking women seriously as people - the moral implications for abortion, Caroline Whitbeck. Part 8 Abortion, faith and state neutrality: introduction; pluralism, tolerance, and abortion rights, Francis J. Beckwit; abortion, the court, and the state neutrality, Ronald Dworkin; for further reading.


Preface. Introduction to the Book. PART I: BREAKING THROUGH THE STEREOTYPES. Introduction. 1. Breaking Through the Stereotypes, Daniel Callahan and Sidney Callahan. For Further Reading. PART II: THE MAJOR SUPREME COURT DECISIONS. Introduction. 2. Roe v. Wade (1973). 3. Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992). For Further Reading. PART III: EVALUATIONS OF ROE V. WADE. Introduction . 4. Roe v. Wade: No Basis in the Law, Logic, or History, Dennis J. Horan and Thomas J. Balch. 5. Roe v. Wade: A Study in Male Ideology, Catharine MacKinnon. 6. Some Thoughts on Autonomy and Equality in Relation to Roe v. Wade, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. For Further Reading. PART IV: ARGUMENTS FROM A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO HER BODY. Introduction. 7. A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson. 8. Arguments from Bodily Rights: A Critical Analysis, Francis J. Beckwith. 9. A Defense of A Defense of Abortion: On the Responsibility Objection to Thomson's Argument, David Boonin-Vail. 10. Abortion Logic and Paternal Responsibilities: One More Look at Judith Thomson's Argument and a Critique of David Boonin-Vail's Defense of It, Keith Pavlischek. For Further Reading. PART V: PERSONHOOD ARGUMENTS ON ABORTION. Introduction. 11. Abortion Is Morally Wrong, John T. Noonan, Jr. 12. In Defense of Abortion and Infanticide, Michael Tooley. 13. The Scope of the Prohibition Against Killing, Philip Devine. 14. Personhood Begins at Conception, Stephen Schwarz. 15. Abortion: A Defense of the Personhood Argument, Louis P. Pojman. 16. Abortion and Human Rights, Norman C. Gillespie. 17. A Defense of the Moderate Position. L. W. Sumner. For Further Reading. PART VI: BEYOND THE PERSONHOOD ARGUMENT. Introduction. 18. Abortion: Beyond the Personhood Argument, Jane English. 19. The Golden Rule Argument Against Abortion, Harry J. Gensler. 20. Why Abortion is Immoral, Don Marquis. 21. Does a Fetus Already Have a Future-Like-Ours?, Peter K. McInerney. 22. Abortion and the Neo-Natal Right to Life: A Critique of Marquis's Futurist Argument, Gerald H. Paske. 23. A Future Like Ours and the Concept of Person: A Reply to McInerney and Paske, Don Marquis. For Further Reading. PART VII: FEMINIST ARGUMENTS ON ABORTION. Introduction. 24. A Feminist Defense of Abortion, Sally Markowitz. 25. Our Bodies, Our Souls, Naomi Wolf. 26. Abortion and the Feminine Voice, Celia Wolf-Devine. 27. Taking Women Seriously as People: The Moral Implications for Abortion, Caroline Whitbeck. For Further Reading. PART VIII: ABORTION, FAITH, AND STATE NEUTRALITY. Introduction. 28. Pluralism, Tolerance, and Abortion Rights, Francis J. Beckwith. 29. Abortion, the Court, and State Neutrality, Ronald Dworkin. For Further Reading.
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