Skinny Dip

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Juli 2004



A shady marine scientist suspects that his wife knows that he has been doctoring water samples so that a ruthless tycoon can continue polluting the Everglades, so he pushes her overboard from a cruise liner. But she's saved by former cop Mick Stranahan--and that's when the real adventure begins.
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Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 2004
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Book Lover - 02.12.2006, 11:54
Best Novel of Hiaasen!
Author Carl Hiaasen is proof that you can be both American and an ardent defender of the environment. In Skinny Dip, Hiaasen combines the story of Joey Perrone, the quintessential nice rich woman who married the wrong guy and gets thrown overboard while on an anniversary cruise, with the suspenseful story of how an unscrupulous farmer uses the services of Joey¿s horrible husband Charles, a biologist who hates nature, to continue polluting the Everglades without getting caught. Miraculously, Joey survives her fall into the Gulf and together with her 'savior' starts plotting her revenge on Charles. The story is very well taught and at times absolutely hilarious, even though the amount of coincidences occuring one after the other sometimes stretches credibility. All in all, a very entertaining read and in my opinion, one of Hiaasen¿s best novels to date.