Biofeedback: A Survey of the Literature

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The twenty-eight essays in this Handbook, all by leading experts in the field, provide the most extensive treatment of various epistemological problems, supplemented by a historical account of this field. The entries are self-contained and substantial contributions to topics such as the sources of knowledge and belief, knowledge acquisition, and truth and justification. There are extensive essays on knowledge in specific fields: the sciences, mathematics, the humanities and the social sciences, religion, and language. Special attention is paid to current discussions on evolutionary epistemology, relativism, the relation between epistemology and cognitive science, sociology of knowledge, epistemic logic, knowledge and art, and feminist epistemology. This collection is a must-have for anybody interested in human knowledge, and its fortunes and misfortunes.


Foreword.- Contributors.- Introduction.- The History of Epistemology.- I: Sources of Knowledge and Belief. 1. Perception and Consciousness. 2. Testimony: Knowing through Being Told; E. Fricker. 3. Reason and Rationality.- II: Knowledge Acquisition. 4. Learning Theory and Epistemology. 5. Scientific Discovery. 6. Belief Revision from an Epistemological Point of View.- III: Truth and Justification. 7. The Analysis of Knowing. 8. Theories of Truth. 9. Realism. 10. Antirealism and the Role of Truth. 11. Theories of Justification. 12. Belief and Acceptance. 13. Induction.- IV: Epistemology and Areas of Knowledge. 14. Scientific Knowledge. 15. Mathematical Knowledge. 16. Knowledge in the Humanities and Social Sciences. 17. Self-Knowledge. 18. The Epistemology of Religious Belief. 19. Knowledge and Semantic Competence.- V: Special Topics. 20. Naturalism and Evolutionary Epistemologies. 21. Relativism. 22. Analytic vs. Synthetic and A Priori vs. A Posterior. 23. Epistemology and Cognitive Science. 24. Sociology of Scientific Knowledge. 25. Epistemic Logic. 26. Knowledge and Art. 27. Feminist Epistemology. Index of Names.- Subject Index.
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