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The twelfth-century bishop Otto of Freising was the outstanding historian of his century. "The Two Cities" was his masterwork, spanning in time from Adam and Eve to the coming of the last days -- which he believed had actually begun. In form and philosophy, it stands as a landmark in medieval historiography. As a brother of the Emperor, Otto had an insider's view on the significant events of his day, including the Investiture Controversy and the Second Crusade. His book records how one man grasped for hope as he felt the world dissolving around him.


Introduction The Deeds of Ferderick Barbarossa A Letter of the August Emperor to Otto, Bishop of Friesing The First Book The Chapters The Prologue The Text The Second Book The Chapters The Prologue The Text The Third Book The Chapters The Prologue The Text The Fourth Book The Chapters The Text


The late Charles Mierow was President of Colorado College. Karl Morrison is on the faculty of the history department at Rutgers University and currently in residence at the Erasmus Institute at the University of Notre Dame.
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