E. H. Carr and International Relations: A Duty to Lie

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E. H. Carr was one of the most influential theorists of international relations, and his works, notably The Twenty Year's Crisis (1939), are widely read by students of the subject. He is generally regarded as a hard-nosed, right-wing political realist, but Charles Jones' study reveals him as a much more radical figure. By examining the political context in which he wrote, and the ruthless ways in which he sought to persuade his contemporaries in a period of national crisis, this book offers a radical reinterpretation of a major theorist of international relations.


1. The trouble with Carr; 2. Before the war; 3. The twenty years' crisis; 4. Distinctive war aims; 5. An active danger; 6. Carr's debt to Mannheim; 7. Carr's realism; 8. Conclusion.


"...this thoughtful foray into the intellectual history of international relations deserves serious attention from upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, and professors in the field." Choice "Jones offers a perceptive reinterpretation of the view that Carr epitomizes realism." The International History Review
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