Our Storehouse of Missouri Place Names

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Juni 1952



This bulletin is one in a series published by the College of Arts and Science in which pertinent and interesting information that has been collected and analyzed in the research activities of regular departments of the College is made available to the public. The study of Missouri place names has been a project of Professor Robert L. Ramsay of the Department of English for a number of years. He has directed a series of eighteen masters theses in the field, and as a result of the research conducted by his students and through his own activities, a master file of Missouri place names has been prepared.This bulletin is only a sample of the information that has been collected and classified. The College of Arts and Science is making it available to the citizens of the State at a nominal price so that the public can have some knowledge and appreciation of this interesting and worthwhile study. The bulletin records a very significant part of our history and culture.


Robert Lee Ramsay (1880-1953) was professor of English at the University of Missouri from 1907 to 1952.
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