They Were There: Witnesses to the Passion of Jesus

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Januar 2004



In this dynamic account of the passion and death of Jesus, you will meet thirty-three eyewitnesses to the events of those days. Some were perpetrators in the passion: the Roman soldiers, the Sanhedrin and the high priests, Herod, Pontius Pilate and his wife. Others were disciples: James, John, Peter, Mary Magdalene, and Joseph of Arimathea. Still others were pulled into the drama, perhaps even unwittingly: the servant girl in the courtyard, Veronica, Simon of Cyrene, and the crowds who were in Jerusalem for the Passover. Bishop Griffin goes inside the head and heart of each person or group to reveal the thoughts, motivations, and actions of these key witnesses. He illustrates the various perspectives of the life, work, and mission of Jesus as seen by these witnesses while retaining the clarity, insight, and faithful vision of the gospel accounts. Each brief reflection is followed by a prayer, making this a great resource for lenten meditation. The format of They Were There offers a complement to the traditional way of the cross, and can be used by both groups and individuals.


James A Griffin is Bishop of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio. He holds a licentiate in canon law from the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, as well as a doctorate in civil law.

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