Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

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April 2004



This new Mayo Clinic book on pregnancy provides you with practical information and reassurance on pregnancy and childbirth. Compiled by Mayo Clinic experts in obstetrics, it offers a clear, thorough and reliable reference for this exciting and sometimes unpredictable journey. This comprehensive book includes: A month-by-month look at mom and baby In-depth "Decision Guides" to help you make informed decisions on topics such as how to select a health care provider, prenatal testing options, pain relief for childbirth, and many others An easy-to-use reference guide that covers topics such as morning sickness, heartburn, back pain, headaches and yeast infections, among others Information on pregnancy health concerns, including preterm labor, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, along with an overview on being pregnant when you have pre-existing health conditions such as asthma, diabetes or hyperthyroidism
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First time mother-to-be - 17.09.2008, 14:11
Best pregnancy reference I've seen
If you want to buy only one book to help you through your pregnancy, this is it. I bought several, but this is the one I reach for when I have a worrisome symptom or question or am just curious about the baby's development. The others are gathering dust on my bookshelf. It covers the pregnancy month by month including the baby's growth, physical and emotional changes the mother encounters, appointments with your health care provider and tips on what types of symptoms need to be acted on right away and what can wait for your next appointment. It also has chapters on birth, the baby's first few weeks, post-partum care for mothers, and decision guides for many questions that come up during pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood (from genetic screening to pain relief during birth to going back to work or when to have another child). Complications during pregnancy and birth are also discussed clearly, such that worries are reduced and I feel prepared (as far as that is possible) for whatever may come. An excellent index helps locate all this information quickly.