Radical Incarnation (Yours!)

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Dezember 2003



An amusing, tongue-cheek story about a soul being prepared for his life mission which is to become the President of the U.S., achieve enlightenment, heal America and awaken Humanity to itself. The inference is that GWB could be him. At the same time it has a very serious message about how we can create world peace if we use the technology of Radical Forgiveness to raise the overall vibration of the people and create a world of forgiveness by 2012.


Time to Go; Enter Harley; EGO as Guide; Dying Into It; Higher Self as Guide; Spiritual Amnesia; The Big Bang; Personal Soul Growth; Choosing Parents; Pain in the Bank; America's Bank Account;' Past Life Carry-Over; Perception is Everything; America's Shadow Stuff; Mission Revealed; America's Soul Destiny; Prophecies; Enter Sadeem; My Parents; The Plan Unfolds; Showdown; Mirrors; Hot Buttons; Break-Down; Break-Through; Ready to Go; The In-Body Experience; Fantasy vs. Science; The Bridge to Peace.


Colin C Tipping

EAN: 9780970481429
ISBN: 097048142X
Untertitel: The President of the United States Becomes Enlightened, Heals America and Awakens Humanity, A Spiritual Fantasy. b/w illlus. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Global 13 Publications Co
Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2003
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