The Long Silence of the Mohawk Carpet Smokestacks

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Poetry. "Stephen Haven understands the sawdust-in-the-pores desolation of old mill towns with their poisoned rivers: places where the "sky is an indigenous gray," and salvation must be imagined from the grit of what-is. Most remarkable, he infuses this "lost architecture" with a terrifying elegance. Haven's vision gives sustenance because we recognize its accuracy and take comfort in a grace as unspairing as it is profound. There is nothing facile here, no easy epiphanies, just the steadfast gaze of a poet who deeply understands the American psyche in its past and present guises, a history peopled by deviant Puritans, vandals and outcasts, the power of a place we can leave that will never leave us. Ablaze with intelligence and a fierce musicality, his poems are indelible"--Alice Fulton.


Stephen Haven is professor of English at Ashland University in Ohio, where he edits the Ashland Poetry Press and co-directs the writing program. He has twice served as a Fulbright lecturer in Beijing, China.

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