Divide and Fall?: Bosnia in the Annals of Partition

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Juni 1999



Kumar examines the carve-up of Bosnia, comparing it to earlier divisions of Ireland, India, Palestine and Cyprus, in this major analysis of the post-Cold War revival of ethnic partition.


Radha Kumar is the author of A History of Doing: An Illustrated Account of Movements for Women's Rights and Feminism in India 1881-1990, from Verso, and co-editor (with Joseph Palau) of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Between War and Peace.


""A well-researched, thorough and readable account."" - Shashi Tharoor, Executive Assistant to the Secretary General, UN "Elegant and concise... a compelling narrative." - Choice "[A] brilliant essay." - Pierre Hassner, Critique Internationale "[A] brilliantly compact expose of the twentieth-century diplomat's favourite folly. In this small gem of a book, Kumar places the West's multicultural solution to the Bosnian war in a long, inglorious line of botched partitions." Boyd Tonkin, The Independent "An erutite study of partition ... presents a thorough critical history of the war and the various peace plans which laid the path to partition." Gregory Kent, Irish Times
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