Memoirs of Senator James G. Douglas, 1887-1954: Concerned Citizen

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April 1999



Appointed by Michael Collins as a member of the committee which prepared drafts for the Irish constitution in 1922, Douglas, a Quaker and Irish nationalist, was an active participant during the crucial years from 1916 to 1926. Written in the late 1940s, they provide new insights into the character of some of the emerging political leaders of that time, including material about Douglas's secret meetings with De Valera during the closing stages of the Civil War.


Part 1 - 1887-1922. Part 2 - 1921-22. Part 3 - 1922-31. Part 4 - 1923-26. Appendices: background to Miss Gertrude Webb's school; letter of 17 March 1917 from Douglas, Maurice Moore and George Russell to members of the Irish Conference Committee; report on distress in Ireland - survey by the American unit under the auspices of the American Committee for Relief in Ireland 1921; encomium by Douglas on Michael Collins, 1922; report by Douglas to Seanad Eireann on Congress of Europe 1948; tribute by Patrick F. Baxter, Cathaoirleach, Seanad Eireann, to Senator James G. Douglas, 1954.
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