Myths about the Powerless CL

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Examines the realities of social inequality, providing critical analyses of contemporary issues at the center of national debate homelessness, the underclass, poverty, welfare, unemployment, health and mental health care, and gender and intercultural relations.


Foreword --George W. Albee Acknowledgments Part I: Introduction Part II: Inequality, Poverty, and Social Policy 1. Equality, Morality, and the Health of Democracy --S. M. Miller 2. Culture, Structure, and the Underclass --Michael Morris 3. The Homeless Shelter and the Nineteenth-Century Poorhouse: Comparing Notes from Two Eras of "Indoor Relief" --Dennis P. Culhane 4. Welfare Reform and the New Class War --Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward 5. The So-Called Underclass and the Future of Anti-Poverty Policy --Herbert J. Gans Part III: Beyond Victim Blaming: The Emergence of New Voices 6. Mental Health and Unemployment: The Making and Unmaking of Psychological Casualties --Ramsay Liem and Joan Huser Liem 7. Insisting on Innocence: Accounts of Accountability by Abusive Men --Michelle Fine, Toni Genovese, Sarah Ingersoll, Pat Macpherson and Rosemarie Roberts 8. Meaning Making in a Context of Genocide and Silencing --M. Brinton Lykes 9. Psychology, the Distant Other, and the Dialectics of Change in Non-Western Societies --Ali Banuazizi Part IV: Revisiting the Crisis in Health and Mental Health 10. Choices and Chances: How a Profit-Driven Health Care System Discriminates against Middle-Aged Women --Paula B. Doress-Worters 11. Cancer and Poverty: Double Jeopardy for Women --Jean V. Hardisty and Ellen Leopold 12. The Challenges Facing Community Health Centers in the 1990s: A Voice from the Inner City --Elizabeth Sparks 13. Privatization and the Global Economy and Mental Health in Massachusetts --Matthew P. Dumont Part V: Consciousness Raising, Action, and Community Change 14. Women's Abortion Experiences as Sources of Political Mobilization --Abigail J. Stewart and Sharon Gold-Steinberg 15. Rethinking Social Action and Community Empowerment: A Dialogue --Bill Berkowitz and Tom Wolff 16. Art as Community Narrative: A Resource for Social Change --R. Elizabeth Thomas and Julian Rappaport 17. Dismantling the Post-War Social Contract --Sumner M. Rosen Part VI: A Conversation between William Ryan and M. Brinton Lykes About the Contributors Author Index Subject Index
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