James Joyce: A Collection of Critical Essays

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Focusing on the writing of poetry, the writing of fiction, and the writing of drama, this volume explores themes such as the creative process, the sources of poetry, and realistic and nonrealistic approaches to drama. The reader is encouraged to write poetry, fiction and drama "on your own" and the text includes methods for submission of material for publication and resources for writers. For professional and aspiring writers of poetry, fiction, and drama.


A Note on the Essays. Introduction, Mary T. Reynolds. I. THE ARTIST. James Joyce In and Out of Art, Richard Ellmann. The Fiction of James Joyce, Denis Donoghue. Language of/as Gesture in Joyce, David Hayman. Joyce's Misconducting Universe, Fritz Senn. Station Island, Seamus Heaney. II. THE EARLY WORKS: Exiles; Dubliners; A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Gender, Discourse and Culture: Exiles, Bonnie Kime Scott. Dubliners; The Trials of Adolescence, Phillip F. Herring. The Sermon as Massproduct: "Grace" and A Portrait, Cheryl Herr. "O, An Impossible Person!", Hugh Kenner. III. ULYSSES. The Genre of Ulysses, A. Walton Litz. Ulysses: The Narrative Norm, Karen Lawrence. Mockery in Ulysses, James H. Maddox. Ulysses in History, Fredric Jameson. To Sing or to Sign, Maud Ellmann. IV. FINNEGANS WAKE. Finnegans Wake: The Critical Method, Margot Norris. Comic Seriousness and Poetic Prose, Bernard Benstock. Vico's "Night of Darkness": The New Science and Finnegans Wake, John Bishop. Narratology and the Subject of Finnegans Wake, Jean- Michel Rabate. Two Words for Joyce, Jacques Derrida. Chronology of Important Dates. Notes on Contributors. Bibliography.
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