Exile's Challenge

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November 1996



The masterful conclusion to the "Exiles saga: Angus Wells is one of today's masters of epic fantasy. Now, continuing the thrilling new adventure begun in "Exile's Children, he weaves his beguiling powers of magic into an unforgettable tale... Escaping a life of servitude under the evil Autarchy, a warrior, his beautiful wife, and a gifted Dreamer are refugees from the war-ravaged prison colony of Salvation. It was the young Davyd's dreams, magically bound to those of a far-off Seer, that guided their perilous flight to the land of the Matawaye. But even now they might not be safe. For a man whose gifts are eclipsed by Davyd's is looking for the perfect vengeance. Meanwhile, a renegade band of the Matawaye, forced out by their peaceable leaders, is wreaking havoc on Salvation. And there's worse to come. For the real threat has yet to descend on Salvation--and when it does, its bloodlust and magic could well mean the end of them all. "From the Paperback edition.

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Untertitel: 'Exiles Saga'. Sprache: Englisch.
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