The Abdus Salam Memorial Meeting

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Februar 1999



The Abdus Salam Memorial Meeting was held from the 19th to the 22nd of November, 1997 on the first anniversary of the death of Prof Abdus Salam, Nobel laureate and Founder-Director of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics. It was an opportunity for many of his colleagues and students to pay homage to him.This invaluable volume, comprising the papers presented at the meeting, reflects the long-lasting passion of Prof Salam for the theory of the fundamental forces. Most of the contributions are concerned with recent developments in the theory of superstrings, including duality, D-branes and related topics.


Recollections of Adbus Salam at Imperial College, T.W.B. Kibble; the standard model - Abdus Salam's lasting legacy, J. Ellis; going beyond the Salam-Weinberg standard model with decaying neutrinos, D. Sciama; the superworld, N. Seiberg; aspects of six dimensional supersymmetric theories, S. Randjbar-Daemi; discrete symmetries and supersymmetries - powerful tools for studying quantum mechanical systems, J. Niederle; pre-Big Bang cosmology - a long history of time?, G. Veneziano; with neutrino masses revealed, proton decay is the missing link, J.C. Pati; string theory, black holes and quantum coherence, D. Amati; topics in M-theory, E. Sezgin; a layman's guide to M-theory, M.J. Duff; quantum corrections to eleven-dimensional supergravity, M.B. Green; BPS states and supersymmetry, S. Ferrara; micro-states of the 5-dimensional black hole, S.R. Wadia; bound states of branes, K.S. Narain; minimal cycles, black holes and QFTs, C. Vafa.
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