How to Get Started in Active Trading and Investing

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April 2004



"Wall Street Journal" bestselling author David Nassar changed the course of independent investing--and sold more than 100,000 books--with his landmark "How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading." Times and markets have changed, however, and a sense of caution has replaced that period's go-for-the-gusto ethos..At the same time, millions of traders and investors can't help but see--and hunger for--the fast-turnaround trading profits that are still there for the taking. "How to Get Started in Active Trading and Investing" is once again the right book at the right time, distancing itself from the day-trading mania with profitable strategies and techniques for this all-new market. Essential reading for today's new breed of commonsense trader/investor, it explains how to: Understand--and profit from--the moves of market makersDiscover and implement a personalized trading styleImprove market-timing skills and instincts.


David Nassar is president of Market Wise Investments and the author of How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading. He is an established broker with several series licenses from the SEC. He is also a broker/dealer on the NSSDAQ. His firm offers electronic trading facilities to their customers and teaches a five-day seminar on electronic trading.

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