September Commando: Gestures of Futility and Frustration

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Juli 2001



The second installment of politically charged satire, scrutiny, and social commentary from John Yates' Stealworks graphics compound.Whereas his first anthology of work, "Stealworks," was a retrospective that gathered together in a single archival collection previously published material, this latest edition comprises an entirely unpublished selection of incendiary graphics.Featuring over 100 of Yates' designs, "September Commando" is a visual assault on all things bad. From our benevolent leaders on "Capitol(ist) Hill" to "Twenty First Century Cops," from his "own" apathy-embracing "(de)Generation X" to the selling of "Corporate American" ignorance (and purchase thereof) to the (pocket) enlightened m(asses). Think of it as Barbara Kruger on a social injustice killing spree.

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