A Formal Approach to Hardware Design

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Januar 1994



A Formal Approach to Hardware Design discusses designing computations to be realised by application specific hardware. It introduces a formal design approach based on a high-level design language called Synchronized Transitions. The models created using Synchronized Transitions enable the designer to perform different kinds of analysis and verification based on descriptions in a single language. It is, for example, possible to use exactly the same design description both for mechanically supported verification and synthesis. Synchronized Transitions is supported by a collection of public domain CAD tools. These tools can be used with the book in presenting a course on the subject. A Formal Approach to Hardware Design illustrates the benefits to be gained from adopting such techniques, but it does so without assuming prior knowledge of formal design methods. The book is thus not only an excellent reference, it is also suitable for use by students and practitioners.


Preface. 1. Formal Design Methods. 2. Designing with Transitions. 3. Formal Verification. 4. Synchronous Designs. 5. Synchronous Realizations. 6. Refinement. 7. Self-Timed Circuits. 8. Towards Larger Designs. 9. Epilog. A: Synchronized Transitions Report. Index.
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