Modern British Drama

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November 2002



Updated edition of Modern British Drama, 1890 1990, now covering all of the twentieth century.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Chronology;
1. Contexts;
2. Defining modernism: George Bernard Shaw;
3. Social themes and realistic formulae [playwrights discussed include: Granville-Barker, Workers' Theatre Movement; Rattigan; Osborne; Wesker; Brechtian influences; Arden; Bond; Edgar; Brenton; Hare; Gems];
4. The comic mirror - tradition and innovation [playwrights discussed include: Maugham; Coward; Travers; Orton; Beckett; Pinter; Barnes; Griffiths; Ayckbourn; Frayn; Stoppard; Marber];
5. Poetic drama - verse, fantasy and symbolic images [playwrights discussed include: Barrie; Priestley; Auden; Isherwood; Eliot; Fry; Shaffer; Whiting; Rudkin; Barker; Churchill; Kane; McBurney]; Bibliographies; Index.


Christopher Innes is one of the leading experts in the field of modern British drama studies and he has written and published extensively in this and related areas. His books include Piscator's Political Theatre, Modern German Drama, Holy Theatre, Edward Gordon Craig, Avant Garde Theatre: 1892-1992, and A Sourcebook on Naturalistic Theatre, as well as Modern British Drama: 1890-1990. Professor Innes also serves as the General Editor for the Cambridge University Press series Directors in Perspective, and holds the Canada Research Chair in Performance and Culture.


From the first edition of Modern British Drama: '... any student wishing to survey the field will find the work invaluable.' Forum for Modern Language Studies 'Christopher Innes' study provides the most valuable and extensive coverage that there has been on the subject in one volume. For teachers and students alike this work will become an essential handbook for the hundred years of British drama it covers ... In short, the book is a triumph and a major contribution.' Modern Language Review
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