Shoulder the Sky

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Oktober 2002



Martin Emersons website has made him something of a cult figure to those who believe that, if not having all the right answers, at least Emerso has all the right questions.


Lesley Choyce is one of Canada's most prolific authors. A resident of East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, he has published more than fifty works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Shoulder the Sky is his fifteenth young adult novel. He is also the author of the adult novel Sea of Tranquility, forthcoming from Dundurn Press in spring, 2003.


"Choyce expertly infuses his characters with an engaging combination of muscle and poetry." -- Quill and Quire Feb 2003 "Fast-paced and intelligent, this story entertains as well as educates." -- VOYA Jun 2004 "Choyce writes well enough to impress even a sophisticated, well read teen." -- Vancouver Sun Dec 7, 2002 "This book is written in an engaging and enthralling style with fully developed, dynamic characters and a plot that will keep the reader turning the pages far into the night." -- Eastword (Writer's Federation of Nova Scotia Newsletter) Jan 2003
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