The Adaptive Self: Personal Contiunity and Intentional Self-Developement

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The concept of the "adaptive self" discussed in this book is a unifying framework for considering the nature of identity and the development of the self throughout the life-span. As the theoretical and empirical studies here show, this concept of self and identity is unique in including both intentional, regulated self-development and flexible responses to an unalterable environment within a single framework of self and identity.


Introduction. The Adaptive Self: Personal Continuity and Intentional Self-Development by Greve, Rothermund, Wentura. PART 1. ADAPTATION AND PLASTICITY: PERSPECTIVES ON SELF-DEVELOPMENT AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SELF. Lifespan Perspectives on Self and Personality: The Dynamics Between the Mechanics and Pragmatics by Schindler, Staudinger. Youth as Active Agents in Their Own Positive Development: A Developmental Systems Perspective by Lerner, Theokas, Jelicic. Maintaining Personality: The Active and Adaptive Self as Core of Individuality and Personhood by Greve. The Odds of Prediction Success by von Eye. PART 2. ACTION PERSPECTIVES ON DEVELOPMENT: CONTROL OF DEVELOPMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OF CONTROL. Psychology of Control and Personality: Julian B. Rotter and Beyond by Krampen. Engagement and Disengagement Across the Life Span: An Analysis of Two-Process Models of Developmental Regulation by Poulin, Haase, Heckhausen. The Role of Self-Efficacy in Health Self-Regulation by Luszczynska, Schwarzer. PART 3. SELF-REGULATION AND DEVELOPMENT: ADAPTIVE PROCESSES. The Developing Self in Adolescence: Producing and Reducing Discrepancies between Developmental Goals and Present States by Pinquart, Silbereisen, Wiesner. Reactive and Proactive Motivational Changes Across Adulthood by Fung, Rice, Carstensen. The Aging Self: Promoting Gains and Balancing Losses: Goal Orientation in Old Age by Freund, Ebner. The Unknown Self: The Social Cognition Perspective by Wentura. Effects of Age Stereotypes on Self-Views and Adaptation by Rothermund. PART 4. DEVELOPMENT IN CONTEXT: INTERACTIONAL PERSPECTIVES ON DEVELOPMENT. Relationship-Specific Aspects of the Self: The Role of Implicit Relationship Theories and Their Contribution to Marital Well-Being by Wunderer, Schneewind. Adaptation in close relationships: Self-views and partner-views by Felser. Universal Accommodation? Cross-Cultural Notes on Brandtstadter?s Coping Theory by Tesch-Romer. Developmental Counseling by Gr ser. Autonomy, Narrative Identity, and Their Critics. A Reply to Some Provocations of Postmodern Accounts in Psychology by Straub, Zielke, Werbik. Author Index. Subject Index
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