Politics from Anarchy to Democracy: Rational Choice in Political Science

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März 2004



"Politics from Anarchy to Democracy offers both a primer in political philosophy and an introduction to rational choice theory, one of the dominant paradigms in political science. Unique in its scope, this volume is both accessible and provocative, and I expect it will have a significant impact on both theory and practice." --Michael C. Munger, Duke University "This volume is an important addition to the rational choice library. It contains an excellent and varied set of chapters on institutional choice, explaining the conditions and development of social institutions, institutional design, and the structures of stable democracy." --Keith Dowding, London School of Economics


The editors are all affiliated with the Department of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland where Irwin L. Morris is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Joe A. Oppenheimer is Professor and Director of the University's Collective Choice Center, and Karol Edward Soltan is Associate Professor.
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