Transnational Chinese: Fujianese Migrants in Europe

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Januar 2004



This book investigates the origins and mechanics of recent Chinese migration, focusing on the work and life of Fujianese migrants in the United Kingdom, Hungary, and Italy, and exploring the many transnational spaces that connect Fujianese across Europe, the United States, and China.


Introduction - Conceptualizing Chinese Migration In A Global Age; Old And New Transnational Villages In Fujian; Getting Out, Getting In, And Moving On - An Ethnographic View; Work And Life In Europe; Fujianese Transnational Practices and Politics; Conclusion - Rethinking Chinese Migration And Globalization.


Frank N. Pieke is University Lecturer in the Modern Politics and Society of China and a Fellow of St. Cross College, University of Oxford. Pal Nyiri is Senior Fellow in the Humanities Center at Central European University, Budapest. Mette Thuno is Associate Professor at the Department of Asian Studies, University of Copenhagen. Antonella Ceccagno is Researcher of Chinese Language and Culture at the University of Bologna, Italy. She is also Operational Director of the Center for Immigration Research and Services in Prato, Tuscany.
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