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This young adult novel offers a behind-the-scenes look at what life in a 1980s band was like and how tension between members make it harder to succeed. Phoebe and Dale are country girls and best friends who both want to make it as singers and together join a big-city band. The two undergo a series of mixed emotions as they experience the thrill of performing, the love of music, the excitement of finding themselves, and the pursuit of dreams. Everything comes to a halt when the two fall for the same charismatic "bad boy," and only Dale succeeds to the top.


Jutta Goetze was born on a coffee plantation in East Africa, and grew up speaking Swahili and German. She studied acting at Flinders University before realising she was a writer, not an actor. Since 1980 she has worked as a writer and script editor on a number of succesful television shows, and has also written several books for children, including a series of picture books for the RSPCA. This is her first novel for young adults.


'Jutta Goetze evokes the atmosphere of small-town life...the seedy yet exciting world of the city pub circuit and the communal household with economy and precision. It's a story bursting with the longings, moments of exhilaration and harsh realities of youth.'- Fiona Capp, The Age, 1/12/1'Luna-Cis remarkable...The characters are not spared any emotion, coping throughout with petty jealousies, teenage crushes, unreasonable obsessions and real love. Jutta Goetze brings maturity and expectation to the genre of teenage fiction.'- Andrew Godley, www.directorclub.com
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