Mourjou: The Life and Food of an Auvergne Village

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Oktober 2004



This classic account of life, food and cookery in a village in the Auvergne by a long-time British resident is here published in paperback. The remarkable fusion between life, the produce of the countryside and the food on the table that is Auvergne continues as it has done for generations. The seasons dictate the rhythm of activity on the field and the kitchen as well as the relationships between households and families. For twenty years Peter Graham has been part of this community, discovering its countryside, traditions, markets, kitchen and the warmth of the local people, sharing its rustic idyll and, most importantly, its great passion for food. Auvergnat cooks have learned how to get the very best from their land and their local traditions have molded their recipes. In this delightful portrait of a community, there are included many Auvergne dishes such as stuffed cabbage, a saffron-flavored stew of medieval origin and a curd cheese tart as well as a full account of stockfish (unsalted wind-dried cod), a remarkable survival from the centuries of English occupation under the Black Prince. In "Mourjou, Peter Graham interweaves history, folklore and gastronomy to capture the full richness and flavor of this distinctive and varied region.


Peter Graham, has lived in France for much of his adult life. He has written books on the cinema and on psychoanalysis as well as compiling travel guides and undertaking journalism for the Sunday Times, The Times and the Guardian. His previous books on cookery include a translation of Jacques Medecin's Cuisine Nicoise and his own Classic Cheese Cookery.
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