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A flourishing area of interaction between mathematics, statistics, computer science and biology, "phylogenetics" is the reconstruction and analysis of phylogenetic (evolutionary) trees and networks based on inherited characteristics. The main role of phylogenetic techniques lies in evolutionary biology, where it is used to infer historical relationships between species. However the methods are also relevant to a diverse range of fields including epidemiology, ecology, medicine, as well as linguistics and cognitive psychology.


Preliminaries ;
1. Graphs and their role in biology ;
2. X-trees and phylogenetic trees ;
3. Trees and splits ;
4. Compatibility of characters ;
5. Maximum Parsimony ;
6. Subtrees and supertrees ;
7. Tree-based metrics ;
8. Markov models on trees ; References ; Commonly-used symbols ; Index


The authors' versatility in words, as well as in mathematics, makes reading this book altogether an enjoyable experience for the mathematically-inclined. Systematic Biology The authors state in the preface that their intention is to provide "a reasonably self-contained overview of an expanding field". In our opinion, they certainly succeed in meeting that goal. Systematic Biology All in all, this book should serve as an excellent mathematical introduction to phylogenetics for beginners and as a good reference for experts in the field. Systematic Biology Concisely and clearly written, Phylogenetics is a must-read for mathematicians or computer scientists who wish to do research in molecular phylogenetics, computational biology and bioinformatics. I hope the book will attract powerful mathematicians into this exciting area of research. TRENDS in Ecology and Evolution ... this book provides a concise and lucid summary of the mathematics literature related to phylogenetics. TRENDS in Ecology and Evolution
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