Student Motivation

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This book presents the latest developments in the major theories of student motivation as well as up-to-date research on the contextual and cultural variables that influence learning motivation in educational settings. An international roster of experts provides ample illustration of the complexities that are revealed when the study of cultural and contextual interactions is combined with motivational and cognitive variables.


1. The Culture, Context of Learning; F. Salili, et al.
Part I: Attribution Theory/Beliefs and Values: Current Status and Research.
2. Intrapersonal, Interpersonal Theories of Motivation from an Attribution Perspective; B. Weiner.
3. Inferences about Responsibility, Values: Implication for Academic Motivation; S. Graham.
4. The Social Functions of Attributional Face Saving Tactics; J. Juvonen.
5. Declining Optimism in Ethnic Minority Students: The Role of Attributions, Self-Esteem; C. van Laar.
6. Chinese Students' Teachers' Inferences of Effort, Ability; Y.-yi Hong.
Part II: Goal Orientation Theory: New Ideas and Recent Research.
7. Cultural Diversity, Student Motivation, Achievement; M.L. Maehr, R. Yamaguchi.
8. Goal Orientation, Self-Regulated Learning in The College Classroom: A Cross-Cultural Comparison; P.R. Pintrich, et al.
9. Contextual Influences on Motivation, Performance: An Examination of Achievement Goal Structures; T. Urdan.
10. Cross-Cultural Response to Failure: Considering Outcome Attributions with Different Goals; H. Grant, C.S. Dweck.
11. The Influence of Culture, Context on Student's Motivational Orientation, Performance; F. Safili, et al.
12. Goals, Motivation of Chinese Students -Testing The Adaptive Learning Model; K. Shi, et al.
Part III: Context of Learning and Classroom Instruction.
13. Classroom Context Effects on Young Children's Motivation; D.J. Stipek.
14. Teaching Across Cultures; J.B. Biggs.
15. Significance of Cultural, Motivation Variables on Students' Attitudes Towards Group Work; S. Volet.
16. Research on Classroom Instruction, Its Effects - Shortcomings, Dead Ends, and Future Perspectives; A. Helmke. Author Index. Subject Index.
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