Dynamics, Ephemerides and Astrometry of the Solar System

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Juni 1996



IAU Symposium 172 Dynamics, Ephemerides and Astrometry of the Solar System was held in Paris in July, 1995. 250 scientists from 33 countries attended the symposium; 24 invited lectures and 165 contributed papers were presented (117 of which were posters). The papers covered topics on celestial mechanics (chaos and evolution of the solar system, asteroids, theories of the motion of the planets, the moon and the natural satellites), methods (symplectic mappings and elliptic functions), astrometry (CCD observations, VLBI and radar observations), ephemerides (representation and numerical integration) and on the history of celestial mechanics.


Introduction. I. Introduction. II. Planets and Moon: Theory and Ephemerides. III. Satellites: Theory and Ephemerides. IV. Asteroids: Theory and Ephemerides. V. Comets and Meteors. VI. Earth and Deformable Celestial Bodies. VII. The Calculus of Perturbations. VIII. General Relativity. Physics. IX. Ephemerides Representation. X. Solar System Astrometry. XI. Reference Frames. Stellar Astrometry. Index.
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