Coping with Cancer Stress

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Oktober 1986



The emotional pressures on cancer patients and their families are increasing and traditional supports are decreasing. This book attempts to provide a readable, authoritative and balanced review of the emotional pressures and coping methods of cancer patients, and the help currently available to them. The special problems of children and terminal patients with cancer, and the role of the family in coping, are also examined. A balanced and critical assessment is made of defects in health organisation, training of personnel and attitudes to cancer patients in Western society. A similar assessment is made of the growing tendency to self help, mutual help and group activities for such patients. While each individual needs to select coping aids best suited to his or her own temperament, medical advisors need to make more time available for discussion of technical, emotional, social and sexual problems. The availability of a cancer-treating "team" makes this feasible. Chapters were invited from physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and sociologists expert in this field, and they have responsed to the challenge of writing in non-technical language. This is so that readership can cross disciplinary boundaries and thus stimulate physicians, nurses, psychologists, sociologists, clergy and others, to satisfy some of the currently unmet needs of cancer patients. The reader may note a small amount of overlap between some chapters, permitted in order to maintain continuity and make each chapter complete in itself.


One Impact of Cancer on the Patient.
1 Faith only belongs in Churches?.
2 Impact of Diagnosis on the Patient.
3 Coping with Cancer Surgery.
4 Coping with Cytotoxic Therapy.
5 Coping with Radiation Therapy.
6 Depression in Cancer Patients.
7 Denial in Cancer Patients.
8 Sex and the Cancer Patient.
Two Support of the Cancer Patient.
9 Quality of survival. Can we Measure it? Can we Influence it?.
10 Types of Supportive Therapy.
11 Help Given by Fellow Patients.
12 Monitoring of Coping.
13 Results of Supportive Therapy.
14 Psychological Self-Help by Cancer Patients.
15 Caring for Cancer in the Young.
16 Caring for the Family.
17 Caring for the Terminal Patient.
Three Personal Viewpoints.
18 Communicating with the Patient.
19 One Patient Looks at Cancer.


`I am grateful to the editors for drawing my attention to this excellent book.'
`This book is a "must" for all those who are or will be involved with such patients, especially medical students and students nurses.'
Dr. M. Ratcliff, in Palliative Medicine, Vol. 3, 1989
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