Good Practice in Adult Mental Health

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Juni 2004



This text is a guide to good practice within adult mental health care, providing a comprehensive introduction to mental health and illness. It is designed to aid mental health professionals and workers, and any individuals coming in to contact with mental illness, in recognising a mental health need or problem and offering appropriate support.


Preface, Tony Ryan, University of Manchester and Jacki Pritchard, trainer, consultant and researcher.
1. What is mental health, illness and recovery? Piers Allott, University of Wolverhampton.
2. Human rights and mental health law, David Hewitt, Hempson's Solicitors.
3. The care programme approach, Lynn Agnew, Trafford Social Services.
4. Interventions in mental health: promoting collaborative working and meaningful support, Simon Rippon, NIMHE North West Development Centre.
5. Medication management, Jacquie White, University of Hull.
6. The role of primary care, Debbie Nixon, NIMHE North West Regional Development Centre and Tim Saunders, GP and Cheshire West Primary Care Trust.
7. Medical diagnosis of mental illness, Rob Poole, consultant psychiatrist, North East Wales NHS Trust.
8. Multidisciplinary team working and the roles of members, Karen Newbigging, Health and Social Care Advisory Service.
9. Supporting staff, Jane Gilbert, independent consultant.
10. From grassroots to statute: the mental health service user movement in England, Carey Bamber, NIMHE North West Development Centre.
11. Mental health advocacy and empowerment in focus, Rick Henderson, Advocacy Across London.
12. Personal experiences of mental health and illness, Julian and Eric (son and Father).
13. Carer perspectives, Alison Pearsall, Lancashire Care NHS Trust and Lillian Yates, Penine Care NHS Trust.
14. Black and minority ethnic mental health, Melba Wilson, Centre for Mental Health Services Development, Linda Williamson and Rhian Williams, Wandsworth Primary Care Trust, and Sandra Griffiths, The Mellow Campaign.
15. Gender and mental health, Barbara Hatfield, University of Manchester.
16. Substance misuse and mental health, Mark Holland and Vall Midson, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care NHS Trust.
17. Towards No Secrets: the use of multi-agency policies and procedures to protect mental health service users from abuse, Ruth Ingram, Bradford Social Services.
18. Managing violence, Roy Butterworth, Lancashire Care NHS Trust. Glossary. List of contributors. Indexes.


Tony Ryan is Director of Tony Ryan Associates, an Associate Consultant with the National Institute for Mental Health in England (North West) and an Associate Consultant for the Health and Social Care Advisory Service and has worked in service development since June 2000. He has experience as a mental health nurse in the NHS and edited Managing Crisis and Risk in Mental Health Nursing (1999). Tony has published on a wide range of topics including service development, mental health policy, nursing practice and research methodology. Jacki Pritchard is a qualified social worker who has worked as a practitioner and manager in both fieldwork and hospital settings. She is currently working as a trainer, consultant and researcher focusing on abuse, risk and violence.
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